Mar 11, 2010

Testing, 123

Today I finally had my lumbar puncture done. The one that my old neurologist said was not necessary and my new one wanted done first thing (I knew I liked him!)

We arrived at the Swiss Avenue SurgiCenter at around 9:10am and were both a little skeptical at first - the building looked old and run down and like no one had been there in years, but as we rounded the corner it was a new modern building that was much more comforting. They whisked me right in and checked my blood pressure and oxygen, which was a little lower than normal so they immediately made me put those stupid things in my nose. Ugh. I got changed into a gown and little puppy feet socks and settled back, answering the same questions three times for three different nurses.

When the time came for my IV, I was really hoping for it to be in my arm and not my hand, but no such luck. I didn't even get numbing medicine, and then she didn't think she got the needle in the vein that was so large even I could have gotten it and proceeded to wiggle it around!! Agh!! Finally she got it in and taped down, in the process causing me severe discomfort. The anesthesiologist came by and I told her how I always got sick after going under so they gave me some Zofran and wheeled me to the OR. They had me scoot over to a different table and lay on my left side, and that's the last thing I remember!

I woke up about a half hour later and felt wonderful, the best I've ever felt after going under. I sat up and talked to the nurses and drank my tea, waiting for them to let me see Brent. Instead, after about a half hour, I was allowed to get dressed and leave. It was so cool. We drove home and here I sit, feeling great and just a little stiff from being on my back all day - and extremely bored!! Oh, and I have a tiny cute little bandaid, right in the middle of my tattoo.
So, the good news - my opening intracranial pressure was 360mm/H20. The normal acceptable rate is 200mm/H20, and anything over 250mm/H20 is considered high. They drained out 160mm to make my levels normal. My levels were well over what is considered high and just confirms what I've thought all along - Idopathic Intracranial Hypertension. Doesn't sound like good news? Well I think it is, because it means I have a diagnosis. To me, that is a blessing.

We'll see Dr. Herzog on Tuesday, March 23rd at 8:30am. I am so excited to hear what my next step is.

Until then, KC

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