Mar 16, 2010

And They're Back . . .

. . . with a vengeance I might add. After my lumbar puncture on Thursday morning I did not have a headache at all, until Sunday. Even then they were just little fingers of pain that came and went, never a full blown headache but just letting me know it was still around. So when I woke up yesterday morning I was not expecting to have another headache. It wasn't as severe as they tend to be but just aggravating enough and by the end of the day I was pretty miserable.

When I woke up this morning, it was like I'd never been away from the pain. Nausea had returned, I could barely stand, so I ran through a quick shower and hopped back in bed for 20 minutes willing it away. Even that didn't help, so here I sit at the office frustrated and squinting at my screen and staying as still as possible.

Might I add that the fact that I am trying to get my profit sharing finished ASAP probably isn't helping?

Tonight I go for my sleep study and I'm not looking forward to it. For one I can't sleep without my husband, and secondly I'm very used to hearing the baby monitor at night so I never sleep deeply. Maybe I can talk him into calling me, putting it on speaker and just letting it run all night. Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all.

Love, KC


  1. Ugh, I get HORRIBLE migraines, and very little seems to help. I did start seeing a chiropractor recently, which has eased the pain a bit. Also, Imitrix is awesome (but strong), so there's that.

    No helpful words, but I'm right there in the same boat...


  2. Hi Kelly, and thanks for reading! I first tried Imitrex years ago and it didn't work for me unfortunately. Come to find out I've probably never had true migraines at all so that could be why. The headaches are a beating but it lets me know I'm still here. :-)



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