About Us

The Husband:
Brent was born in Nebraska and raised in Kansas, but somehow he always knew he belonged in Texas – so when his family moved down in 2006 he followed. His wife once told him that “he could sell himself out of a wet cardboard box and then sell the box” and that is indicative of his personality. There has yet to be a woman who can resist his dimples – including Kirbe.

The Boy:
LB is the light of their lives. He is a cantankerous three year-old who shares his Daddy’s love of all things sports – and those same dimples. LB would be perfectly content if his life revolved around music, specifically the Imagination Movers. Kirbe has instilled in him a love for cooking and much to her husband’s chagrin, shoes.

The Writer:
Kirbe feels as if she’s getting way too close to 30 every day. A typical Type-A Virgo, she likes to be in control of everything going on around her or she feels out of place. She loves her family, her pets and life in general. Writing is a passion for Kirbe and an outlet for things she otherwise couldn’t or wouldn't say. Cupcakes have become a new obsession, and maybe one day she will be good enough at it to get her noticed.

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