Aug 30, 2010

Do Fun Stuff!

Today is the launch of Do Fun Stuff! on iTunes. If you have little ones I highly suggest you purchase it NOW for them, just to see the crazy dance party that will take place.

Let me back up: what is Do Fun Stuff! you ask? This little gem is a charity album that Ryan Marshall over at Pacing the Panic Room put together for his son The Littlest Buddy who suffers from Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS). All of the proceeds from the sale of this album – 100% y’all! – will go to PRISMS, a foundation for the families and researchers of SMS.

Ryan has been working on this album for close to a year now, I think, and today is a big day for the Marshall family. I first found his blog back when his beautiful wife, Cole, was pregnant with their daughter Tessa and he was doing her maternity series. Between the amazing photography and witty, in-your-face stories I was hooked. Reading PTPR was also the reason I became all-consumed with natural births, but that’s another story.

So please, take a few minutes of your time today and check out Pacing the Panic Room, read Ryan’s stories about The Littlest Buddy and SMS, watch an adorable video of LB’s birthday send-off (he is retiring from the blog now that he’s six years old) and keep a couple of tissues handy. Then go on over to iTunes and purchase Do Fun Stuff! for only $9.99. If you’re not into the iTunes scene, you can also click on the “Make a Donation” button below and do your thing.

Now go on, DO FUN STUFF!

Love, KC

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