Aug 26, 2010

The Bucket List

At some point everyone needs a bucket list. I’ve been thinking a lot about mine lately, about the things I’d like to accomplish before my time here is done. Frankly we never know when we’ll take our last breath and I’d like to think that I did something with my life. For my own list, I don’t think that any of my goals are unattainable; some may take years to make happen but the point is to try. Don’t let your dreams die.

My list is short compared to some I’ve seen, and I believe it can be ever-changing. There may be something I think of tomorrow that I really want to do, or maybe I’ll think of it ten years from now. Whatever the change may be I will keep this list with me so that when I do accomplish one of these goals I can cross it off my list, triumphantly.

- Live near the Olympic National Forest
- Attend a cooking school in Italy
- Scuba dive
- Adopt a child
- Own a home
- See the Great Barrier Reef
- Climb the Eiffel Tower
- Learn to speak Italian
- Teach my children sign language
- Learn to play the piano
- Learn to play the guitar
- Learn to play the drums
- Graduate from college
- Own a café
- See the mountains
- Get close to a tornado
- Stand in the eye of a hurricane
- Own a street bike
- Have a picture I’ve taken featured in a magazine
- Make money doing something I love

Some of my goals may seem commonplace to you (“You’ve never seen the mountains??” you gasp) but in the grand scheme of things they are important to me. Today is the day I work towards achieving my goals.

Love, KC

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